Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Grace Place ~

Funny how the Mystery never follows our rules or fulfills our plans. Not ever exactly, anyway. Take Grace for instance. Is there anything more elusive, more enchanting and mystical I wonder? It’s like The Holy Spirit – what the heck is it?! Does your idea of this blessed satori state mean consistently getting your desires met, just the way it always feels good - don’t I wish - and that the fickle finger of Fate (Grace’s not so glamorous, half-brother) ever smiles upon you, no matter what?

If you’ve lived past the age of naïveté and certainly innocence, surely you’ve grown out of this enchanting fairytale. If you’ve chosen the path of Awakening your Sacred you also know, the knock-downs and drag-outs have proven as valuable, if not more so, than your favorite highlight moments, sitting comfy on easy street. Believe me, I’m all about extended vacations and do my very best to live each day like on Holiday and yet, looking back, it’s been the most difficult experiences in my life I’ve grown the most from.

A seasoned Soul knows the low points are what sharpened our focus to have us get on up in the first place – and continued busting our ass, when necessary, to keep us doing so. Through thick and thin, life has taught me the only way out is through. 

To actualize awakening my Sacred, my deepest healing has come from loving my most unlovable selves. These were the ones I hated the most about me. Simply put: my salvation has come from forgiving myself of absolutely everything - though most of all, it’s being grateful for all of it, just as it is. This is the master stroke.

This more gritty and less convenient path isn’t so preferred by those who’ve yet to truly weather the titanic storms of their own ego’s meltdown. And I don’t mean heavily dented or worn down a bit. These hazardous crossings into the murky, unknown waters of your unconscious, your Shadow (and yes, sinking miserably in the process) are the crucial passages in making your Hero and Heroine’s journey Home. If it were easy, we’d all be fully awakened, not to mention happy.

However you call it, to get out the other side, you’re gonna have to walk through the flames of your severe self-judgment and the fire of your shitty self-worth. Or at the very least, be willing to. The boxing adage: you get knocked down to learn how to get back up is thankfully not every Soul’s prime directive, though for those who qualify, it’s been this way. 

Some of us just have tougher material to heal, that's all, though by no means have I had it really hard. Not with what I've seen others go through, that's for sure. This sense of being out of sorts in the world is nothing new to me or for any of us, for that matter. I’ve often felt off step with the drum rolls many seem to easily follow, having wondered what is wrong with me for not being like them. Sound familiar?

Having had a Godzilla-sized inner critic to contend with, it’s been a conflictual struggle coming to terms with this enigma. Having carried the ‘not good enough’ stigma into this life, I had to pivot it to actually heal it. I had to love it back whole again. Without this, no exquisite magic grows. This has been and remains, the work of my awakening. 

As such and like so many, I’ve had to transform the heavier, meaner and more addicted parts of myself to do so. As only love can break your Heart, only love can heal it again. I've found my Sacred within my Heart that held my pain. This is a price to this precious gift and one you’ll have to dearly earn.

And this too is Grace, you better believe. As a man calling in the highest Presence I know, all to awaken and embody my Sacred Masculine/Feminine, you name it, Grace has taught me the clearest reflection of Itself is knowing I Am always resting in It - however whenever wherever I happen to be. No matter what. Especially when I’m in a tight, discontented mood, feeling things aren’t going my way and with this attitude, probably never will. Mind you, many times in my life, this wasn’t an especially unique mood. Over the years, it’s one I’ve spent all too much time in, I must say.
For me, the doorway out of Funkville also became my greatest gift back to God. My sincerity – and willingness to act on it is the key. This is what completes the embrace. (Grace!). It’s said, the Beloved will cross endless Universes to reach you but you have to take your next step. Plain and simple. 

Whatever it is, you gotta move forward. However this is for you – RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE – with what all you’ve got going on, you have to be willing to move towards the Light of your Self. Yes, you will have to act, though a significant interior shift or opening counts just as much.
… to be continued …

Thank You & Love To Us All ~

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alice blue said...

I have an heart defect on a ventricle. Can you heal it? thank you. Maths

alice blue said...

your e-mail address does;t work. they said it was on your end where the pron]blem lies. I just asked the same question about my heart. Martha