Saturday, August 16, 2014

Questing as in The 'Grail' ~

Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning, motivating you from the most basic, banal or mundane reasons, along with whatever you value most by doing so, this in effect becomes the grail quest in your life. It’s not where you go each day, it’s why you go I’m talking about. What drives you to live your life the ways you do? Your quest’s particular energy, form and substance are largely created by how you live your life. Your metaphoric grail may be a dented, tarnished and ratty tin cup or a glorious, precious goblet of exquisite value. As always in life, it’s a choice. Yours.

For men, our quality of consciousness, degree of integrity and how Heart-centered we live largely defines who we are, if not where we are in our own journeys of awakening. Harsh judgments aside and perhaps too simply stated – either you’re a giver or a taker here and either light is coming through you in your life or you’re sucking it out from others in theirs. On the other hand, you may just be so shut down and cut off from your Sacred that hardly a glimmer of a flicker gets through. On quick observation, this certainly seems the case on the 42nd St Subway platform late on a long Saturday with all sorts of strange and peculiar beings roaming about.  

For me, it’s quite a bizarre ride being on this particular quest, especially living here in NYC. Which interestingly enough, quest-wise, is one of its core, off-shoot attributes. It has to be way out of the ordinary to qualify in the first place. ‘Normal’ doesn’t count and easy doesn't cut it. Whatever’s incubated inside of me these past many years, first igniting in Sedona in 1996, like a buried, hidden seed, it’s been germinating all the while. I also sense it’s a time-code thing on Earth and fully believe it’s time to Awaken for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

On the very deepest of levels, this calling has consistently sought the light of my personal expression - all to birth through me, this go-round. This, however, is not just my solo quest, my trip, my one act play. It’s for all of us now, for those so inclined. I used to often ask, why ever did I sign on for this mission? cuz sometimes I really didn’t know. As a relentless force in my life, it’s never stopped showing me my resistance, limitations and small mindedness, that’s for sure. But hey, that’s how Souls evolve on this planet or at least as I have.

As with so many of our archetypically popular, cultural myths, the lone voice yelling into the wind acting heroically, going against all odds, living their quest has always captured our sincere interest, hasn’t it? Isn’t the classic ‘pulling for the underdog’ our own inner yearnings calling to believe we ourselves possess the right stuff, the magic mojo or simply the hard-edged drive to never ever give up? We certainly lavish worship, money and praise on our favorite film and TV stars, ever associating them with the fictitious characters that made us feel good about ourselves and our lives.

Why on Earth do we pay such ridiculous amounts of $$$ to see grown adults, running around in funny outfits, playing kids games on immaculate athletic fields and courts? All paid for by our collective unconscious need to believe we too could perform so admirably. If only we were them. Talent and looks aside, the winners we reward in our 3D world are those who inevitably overcome adversity, to reach their grail prize. No matter what. After all, who remembers the 2nd place, runner ups? We pay heavily to believe this power lives somewhere is us, don’t you know.

As an underdog trying to right a wrong, fight the good fight or heal a broken Heart, as humans we’ve always been drawn to this display of purpose against all odds. It’s the Hero or Heroine’s journey in their battle between good vs evil – most profoundly, within themselves - that thrills us to our bones. Whether it’s a grand quest to achieve greatness, reach freedom or attain salvation, somewhere in our DNA we’re wired to enact this in our own lives. For many it would appear, we only live this on the pages of our favorite books or on fleeing images up on the silver screen.

Although not active in all of us, this brilliant expression of human potential is remarkably present in some. For most of humanity, having been designed and trained to always look outside of ourselves for frikkin’ everything of value, the inner roads of Self-awareness are less frequently traveled. Who can say why a person chooses to wake up from this collective dream? For instance, what drives a man to seek to awaken his Sacred and head out into uncharted territory, looking to find his Self? Why indeed …

Speaking of which, up to date, this is the 179th blog I’ve posted on this site. Egads amazing! To honor this progression, about a year ago I realized I wanted to publish my work in book form. After consulting a number of people in the know, I decided to compile a number of blogs, presenting them in an eBook format. This would lead into self-publishing a longer book on Awakening The Sacred Masculine with more specific steps, guidelines and strategies to encourage others to embody this in their own lives.

As the Universe forces us all to our destiny, my life has slowly guided me to take this next step as well. I have to say, it certainly feels like one long ass winding road, that’s for damn sure. And so here I Am ~ in this, I’ve decided to first include between 15 – 20 blogs as an eBook (about 100 pages), that presents an overview of this awakening process – though me, Keith Gregory. I realize, this has been the intent all the while, to self/Self express this experience in ways I hadn’t ever heard before.

In this, I wanted to write more from the balls of my ass and not come off sounding so elevated or ‘evolved.’ I wanted to be more sincere, exposed and authentic in my approach instead of all New Agey and faux, angelic-like. People tell me they can relate to what I write, touching a common thread in them and this has continued to inspire me. As this larger project unfolds, I will self-publish a more comprehensive approach to Awakening The Sacred Masculine or more simply, Awakening Your Sacred.

To maintain continuity, l’ll continue posting earlier blogs, in updated form, a couple of times a week. As I concentrate on bringing this eBook project to fruition, I Am focusing on having it out by this Equinox, on September 21st. Thank you all so much and please wish me luck!

Thank You & Love To Us All ~

PS I am seeking assistance in publishing my work here and invite any and all benefactors, editors, agents and or publishers to help bring this to fruition - any ideas? Please feel free to contact me at ~ Thank You So Much ~

PPS I invite you to share these posts with anyone you feel would benefit and if you feel inspired, to write your feedback insights through the ‘Comment’ key on this blog. Also, please check out my work, Heart Tantra - The Attunement Session - on my web site I offer in-person sessions here in the NYC area and absentee or long-distance work if you don't. Always Blessings On Your Way, Keith 

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